Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Geri's Gallery of Cast Off Masterpieces "Poppies in a Field"

My creative expression for today was taking an 8x10 acrylic landscape MASTERPIECE that I found at Goodwill for .99 and a yard sale frame I paid .50 for and making it GALLERY WORTHY...in Geri's Gallery of Cast of Masterpieces at least.

The solid wood frame and been painted gold with a peach decorative stripe and dry brush technique applied to tone down the gold.

I painted over the peach with a red acrylic paint and lightly brushed over the entire frame with an acrylic metallic gold paint. 

After allowing it to thoroughly dry (which in this heat only took minutes) I applied a brown antiquing gel and wiped away the excess.

With a final coat of a gloss sealer (I thought it would make the gold pop) this artwork is ready for an exhibition! 

Now, you find an obscure painting and frame it up for your gallery and send me photo!